Thursday, September 11, 2014

I'm baaaaaaaack

Dear Readers,

     Sorry for the nearly 2 month hiatus. It's been crazy! What have I been up to? On a personal front, I was dealing with some (minor) health issues which seem to have resolved themselves after eliminating all corn from my diet. My brother is allergic to corn and it seemed I was developing some aversions. I've just been getting my energy back to normal the past 2-3 weeks and sleeping through the night. HURRAY!
Professionally, I was applying for and interviewing for a number of ministry jobs. Sadly, none panned out but I'm trusting it's for a reason. Writing-wise, I've been working with the USCCB to figure out some licensing issues. I have a few things I am looking into getting self-published, but still need to get that squared away. I will also be contacting my bishop, but since my materials are more spiritual than catechetical in nature they likely will not require the imprimatur. Blog-wise, I'm still in need of a better computer. I am using a laptop provided by friends (which is terrific!), but it needs to be plugged in and doesn't hold a charge. This means if I accidentally shift and unplug something, I lose a bit of work (I'm becoming OCD about saving due to this!). It also means if I go to the library, Starbucks, etc. to work and can't find a place near an outlet, I'm out of luck.

     So, I've had a lot of stuff on my plate but now want to get back to making this a priority. With school back underway, it's easier for me to keep a schedule. In addition to my several part-time jobs, I am teaching 8th grade RE at my parish and will be preparing an 18 year-old with moderate special needs for RCIA. I cannot wait to see how that goes!

     And now, back to business as usual on First Catechist!

Love and prayers,
First Catechist

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