Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Samples and Help Request

Yesterday I encountered an awful glitch with my First Catechist project. I am writing a series of children's worship aids to help Catholic kids connect the liturgy to their lives. To my knowledge, no program of this nature exists. Worship bulletins teach the kids the readings and, perhaps, what they mean but do not aid in that intimate encounter with Christ. I am striving to change that.

Unfortunately, my laptop (it was bought refurbished 5 years ago) decided to die. I have some tremendous folks willing to loan me older laptops to get by, for which I am VERY grateful. Unfortunately, to make this project a success I really need to purchase a good laptop and updated software ASAP. Here's where I am asking your help.

First, check out some samples of my work (below) so you can see what this project entails and get an idea for how it will help kids ages 3-12 better connect with the liturgy. These are the only samples I had saved in Google docs. Everything else is saved in MS Publisher and I cannot access it at this time. If you like what you see, please consider giving $5-10 towards my Go Fund Me link. In gratitude, you will receive copies of my first 12 weeks of Liturgical Reflections for kids. Each reflection will be emailed in a .pdf and you will receive all three versions for 12 weeks (ages 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12). Dates of subscription TBD based on how soon I can get a loaner laptop with Publisher.

The idea is to print and use the reflections before Mass to help the child understand what is being discussed. If parents struggle to keep children focused, you could have them use these during the homily. It's not ideal, but better than playing with toys or doing activities not helping them understand Mass.

Liturgical Reflections (working title):
Holy Thursday, ages 3-6 Unfortunately, the conversion process messed up formatting and changed one of the fonts (it was a dashed letter that kids could trace). You can still get the gist of it.
Holy Thursday, ages 6-9
Holy Thursday, ages 9-12

These are designed to be printed, front-to-back, on 8 1/2 by 14 paper and folded into a booklet. Parents can use a binder or scrapbook to keep and organize weekly bulletins. By participating in this program, your child will have a weekly journal of his/her relationship with Christ and understanding of the Mass. There is NO GREATER GIFT than that.

Thanks and God bless!!

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